Clinical Psychology
Treatment Areas

Treatment Areas

Psychological assessment and therapy can be offered for a range of difficulties including:

• anxiety (generalised/ social) • panic attacks and agoraphobia • phobias
• obsessive compulsive behaviour (OCD) • worries about physical health
• difficutly adjusting to traumatic events/ post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• self-esteem and confidence issues • depression (including ante and post-natal)
• anger issues • childhood sleep problems • bereavement • stress
• adjustment difficulties • pain management • sexual problems 
• relationship difficulties

This list is by no means comprehensive and if you have an issue that is not listed please feel free to contact me.

Personal Injury - Rehabilitation

Therapeutic help can also be provided for individuals who may have suffered injury from accidents or other experiences leading to psychological difficulties such as:

• Post Traumatic Stress disorder
• Psychological consequences of road traffic accidents/ other accidents